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R2-D2 action figure


So this is kind of rad.

The tumblr Merchandising is Forever has made numerous (hundreds maybe?) GIFs showing the deterioration of vintage Star Wars action figures. Well, technically each .gif is made up of numerous different figures–not the decay of a single figure over 30 years. But still…right?

 Although these toys were mass produced, each one has gained a unique identity throughout the years. Some were played with, some were forgotten in attics, some are completely unrecognizable, and some are still mint.

[via LaughingSquid.com]

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Trek on over to TheShortBox.com for a look back at all the Iron Man #3’s over the years.  Then you’ll be ready to head out and catch Iron Man 3–in movie theaters this week.

Iron Man Covers

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GL girl



Well, better at playing superhero anyway.  On Alex Law’s tumblr Little Girls Are Better At Designing Superheroes Than You, he finds pictures of girls in superhero costume and then translates them to comic art. The topic of female superhero costumes has gotten a lot of attention recently. But while designs like these may be cool, Law especially likes the way these girls put things together:

Often times when artists want to re-design female superheroes to be less sex-objecty they end up changing a bunch of unnecessary stuff. It doesn’t have to be like that, just get rid of Power Girl’s tit window and give Huntress a full leotard. It’s easy!

Check out Law’s tumblr for more pics, including ballerina Hulk (why not?!), but my favorite is the Green Lantern. Something about the stuffed animal becoming a bad-ass construct…

[via CinemaBlend via TheMarySue]

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Cody Rhodes action figure

Then why do I see them in the bargain bin so often?   And hasn’t Mattel actually scaled back their WWE offerings? Well, I’m not one to argue with NPD, and that’s what their data says, according to this ESPN.com article. They say WWE is the #1 action figure brand–bigger than Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Power Rangers, et al.  And those are just U.S. numbers–not international.

As we know, Mattel goes to great lengths, utilizing advanced technology to capture accurate likenesses of the wrestlers:

Twice a year, Mattel sends a crew to various WWE shows to grab every nuance of a superstar’s face and physique with full head and body scans.

“Nothing beats digital data,” Handy said. “But for stuff like tattoos, we work closely with WWE photographers, and sometimes they’ll even let us know beforehand when somebody is getting a new tattoo or changing their look.”

But then again,

“I did a head scan for Mattel, but I didn’t have the mustache back then,” said [Cody] Rhodes, describing the process for becoming immortalized in toy stores worldwide. “They’ll probably just draw the mustache on. You don’t need advanced technology for something so silly”


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Interstate 79 in Harrison County, West Virginia was partially shut down yesterday when there was a massive Lego spill on the road.  The original news article doesn’t have any information–whether the load was lost by a Lego truck, some poor child’s dad’s personal collection lost during transport, or some other mystical event of Scandinavian origin.  Either way–who has to clean that up, and where do they all go?  ‘Cause that’s a lot of Lego.

[via Geekologie]


Malet wooden Lego

Art Toy by Malet

These 4.5″ tall, wooden, hand carved Lego figures were created by French designer Thibaut Malet.  Limited to only 20, there were briefly available on Etsy.  Let’s hope he’s willing to make some more at some point?  In any case, my browser just added a new bookmark.

Malet’s Etsy shop

Malet’s website , where you can see more pics of the project.

Malet wooden Art Toy

[via Flavorwire]

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Mike Armstrong's virtual comic book newsstand

Mike’s Amazing World of Comics is a fantastic resource for comic book indexes, cover galleries, and more.  Perhaps the coolest feature on the site though, is the virtual Newsstand. Just enter a month and year (or cover date) and the site returns a page showing the cover of every comic on the stands that month. You can refine your search by publisher.

You might have some fun plugging in the month you were born, or the date of the first comic you remember buying.  It’s great for giving some historical context too; the images above were pulled from the results for the cover date of April 1964.  Kind of gives you an idea of how revolutionary Marvel was at the time.

Check out the newsstand time machine at Mike’s Amazing World of Comics.


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Iron Man Stained Glass

Iron Man stained glass

Evan Daniels runs the MartianGlassWorks shop on Etsy.com.  He has many beautiful stained glass pieces for sale, including some geek-themed ones like the Iron Man pictured here.

This is possibly the most amazing and complicated piece I’ve ever made. The final dimensions for this piece are 31″x47″ There are a total of 334 Pieces of Glass and the window is 9.5 square feet. I used 275 feet of copper foil and 5 rolls of solder to complete this. Construction time is over 100 hours.

More from Martian Glass Works here, where you can find pieces ranging from Mario Bros., Warhammer, and even some sublime, non-genre works.

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Hey–NYCC has come and gone, but if you need to catch up on action figure news from Hasbro and Mattel, head on over to The Fwoosh and Action Figure Pics.


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The Wall Street Journal thinks they might be.

A double-digit decline in domestic action figure sales suggests to some a dying play pattern, but Hasbro which is highly exposed to the category — isn’t vexed…when asked why action figures were still sitting on shelves while role-play shields and hammers based on “Avengers” characters were selling out, “We’re probably just replenishing the action figure business better than the shields and role-play business, and so we probably should get on that,” [Hasbro CEO Brian] Goldner said.

Gotta love a toy executive who can give good snark.

Full article at the Wall Street Journal

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