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Want to kill some time in the office today? This should do the trick.

Jonathan McIntosh and Zohar Babin have made something called the Gendered Advertising Remixer.

Drag one of the dozens of “boys ads” clips over to the video box, then drag a “girls ad” clip to the audio box, or vice versa, and hit play. It’s an interesting demonstration in ad targeting, but it’s also just fun.

McIntosh says:

Young people in the United States are subjected to an average of 25,000 TV commercials every year. Embedded in those advertisements are a very regressive and stereotypical set of social values about gender roles for boys and girls. So how can kids push back against a multibillion dollar corporate marketing machine? The goal of this project is to help empower youth of all genders to better understand, deconstruct and creatively take control of the highly gendered messages emanating from their television sets.

Check out the Gendered Advertising Remixer here

After playing with it myself, here are some combos I recommend to start off with:

  • video: X-Men Electronic Claws + audio: Liv Dolls
  • video: G.I. Joe Headquarters + audio: My Little Pony Convertible
  • video: Baby Alive + audio: Battleground

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