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Want to build a Dalek? Now you can.

All you need are:

As I am understanding it, these were official blueprints and instructions for making a Dalek published sometime in the ’70s in the back of a Dr. Who paperback. The scanned images had been archived on a now defunct FTP but were saved by Tom Rathborne. You can find all five pages (and more) on his site here.

Very cool stuff. Thanks to Chesspieceface for the tip!

3 Responses to “Exterminate Your Neighbor – Build Your Own Dalek”

  1. max fine says:

    make a vidoe please on how to make this

  2. anonymous says:

    Is it safe to use as a Halloween costume

  3. James Cornell says:

    The plans are from the Radio Times special edition to celebrate 10 years of Dr Who.

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