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Brick Arms Spy Pack

Lego is a company that has made awesome toys for many decades. But they’re a little gun shy about doing military themed toys (see what I did there?). They’re ok with pirates, space rangers, police, and Batman. But army…not so much. I certainly don’t hold it against them. On the other hand, kids love to play ‘army guys’. So what’s a kid (or adult collector) to do? Head over to BrickArms.com, that’s what.

BrickArms puts out custom weapons, mini-figures, and accessories fully compatible with Lego. They specialize in militaria, but also have weapons and accessories in sci-fi, spy, and other themes as well.

BrickArms chrome pack

Best of all, their products are injection molded, not casts. In layman’s terms, that means they’re made the same way Lego are made. So they’re stronger and fit in with your “official” toys much more seamlessly than other custom products made through a casting process. And even with the expensive tooling costs associated with injection molds, BrickArms’ prices are still thoroughly reasonable. You can purchase a piece for as little as fifty cents.

If you’re a Lego maniac and you don’t already know about BrickArms, I recommend heading over and checking it out. Did I mention they give you a free item with every order?

BrickArms' Shaun - the "UK zombie fighter"

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