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X-Ray Specs and More


If you were born in the 70s or before, you remember well the ads in comic books for various and sundry crap. X-Ray Glasses, Sea Monkeys, and on and on. Were you ever curious about what you would actualy get if you sent away for any of that stuff?

Kirk Demarais was curious. So he hunted down all of those things that he could find and wrote a book called Mail Order Mysteries: Real Stuff From Comic Book Ads!

“I don’t own every item in the book,” he said. “My personal collection is closer to $3,000. The most expensive item I was going to buy myself was the U-Control 7-foot lifesize ghost, which promises to be a remote-controlled, seven-foot-tall ghost for only 95 cents. These days, they are very rare and I got into a bidding war over it on Ebay. It got up to $365, at which point I lost, but it turns out I knew the guy so I was able to test it and get it in the book.”

It sounds like fun for kids of all ages, right? But Demarais says the reality was different.

“It was nothing I couldn’t have made myself. Basically, it’s a balloon featuring the decidedly unscary Casper the Friendly Ghost, a spool of fishing line and a trash bag,” he said.

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