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Lego is hard news.

Get it? Hard? Cause they’re bricks?     Ok.  Well, anyway…

No less a media blue chip than the Wall Street Journal has a feature article today about Adult Fans of Lego (AFOL).

“We still see ourselves as a toy company, but the world is challenging us on that,” says Tormod Askildsen, a senior director at Lego headquarters in Billund, Denmark.  Lego is in contact with about 90 fan groups boasting roughly 70,000 members throughout the world, says Mr. Askildsen. Many of them are adults with strong opinions.

Of course, the bottom line is what has gotten the attention of Lego:

Another valuable realization was that adults have bigger piggie banks than kids do. “I would struggle to find occasions where a child could get a $500 Millennium Falcon” from Lego’s Star Wars series, says Mr. Berard. Family-owned Lego Group last year posted a net profit of 3.7 billion Danish kroner ($670 million) on revenue of 16.0 billion kroner, compared to a loss of 1.1 billion kroner on revenue of 8.4 billion kroner in 2003.

Finally our infantilism is being enabled, validated, and de-shamed.

Full article and a lot more photos at the Wall Street Journal.

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