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Ram Man as a Commodity

U.K. performance artist, Jamie Moakes, is on a mission to make Ram Man a hot, new commodity.

To achieve this, he’s attempting to corner the market on the vintage Masters of the Universe action figure under the project banner You Will Be Rare. He has over 150 so far.

The BBC reports:

His fascination with the character started after he became annoyed at the seemingly imagined value that we give to commodities.

“Everyone was saying ‘stop investing in a home and invest in gold’, but the only reason [people say that] is because everyone agrees that gold is worth money,” he says.

Moakes’ multi-platform project includes a one-man show. But for Moakes, it’s more about making a point than a profit:


It might sound silly but it makes sense to me – You Will Be Rare is about how we value things which is something in business that I think should change. I am obsessed with business systems and our current model is broken…

I want to push it, prod it, learn how it works to see if it can work in a different way…cornering the market is just an element of the wider project – a way of ultimately promoting and creating value.

Me and the team did an entire month’s run of Edinburgh Festival Fringe and not once did anyone not buy the Rammy. The audience had come to a show, listened for an hour and then bought into the project, they didn’t need him, they didn’t want before the show, god they probably didn’t even know who he is, but now they own one. For whatever reason they bought a Ram Man. That means something.

Followers of Ron Paul and advertisers on talk radio may not be happy about Moakes’ disrespect of the gold market, but I like the cut of his jib.

So why Ram Man?  I wasn’t able to find that answer. I guess you have to see the show?

Check out jamiemoakes.com for full information about the project.

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