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photo by Chris Illuminati

Chris Illuminati (real name?) recently posted a fun piece over at Wired.com’s GeekDad blog about the conundrum of being a toy collector and having a toddler.

Explanation is futile. He is almost two, and into everything in the house, so he won’t understand the difference between his Wolverine figure that I bought to distract him from my Wolverine action figure, still in the package and in near mint condition that I got for a steal at a flea market. I’m not proud of it, but I’ll freely admit, I’ve given him things he’s usually forbidden to play with in the hope of getting his attention off my schwag. It’s the reason that the TV remote is now jammed under the hood of a dump truck. “What’s in this door, buddy? Ohhhhhhhh the SPICE RACK! Here, shake this container of bouillon cubes. It’s like a homemade maraca.”

And as hard as it is to explain to a child the difference between a “toy” and a “collectible”, it can be harder still to explain to a spouse or other adult relative why you’re denying your child the delight of playing with your trove of treasures, when all they’re doing is sitting on a shelf collecting dust.

To read the full piece click here.  You can also check out Chris’ parenting tumbr at Message With A Bottle.


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