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photo by Matthew Logelin

Women in comics – both creators and fans-  has been a subject oft discussed of late. Last week, Comics Alliance (among others) picked up a great story about a single father who found himself at a loss when he realized his young daughter was way into comics and superheroes, but he knew nothing of the genre.

Taking his daughter on a trek to their local comic shop, the father is surprised to find, not a stereotypical, male basement dweller, but a young lady behind the counter.

Maddy eagerly hit her with questions about batman, wolverine, green lantern, and all the other superheroes she could think of, and the woman answered her questions enthusiastically…As I stood back, trying to learn all that I could my heart melted when she looked at me with those thankful eyes she has when she’s really, really happy and asked me to read to her. We sat in that store for 35 mins, each page i turned led to more questions, which led me to say over and over again, “i don’t know, Maddy” which led the woman behind the counter to smile in our direction.

To read the full entry, check out Matthew Logelin’s blog Matt, Liz and Madeline, where he regularly writes about raising his young daughter as an unexpected widower.

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