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Alright, technically this month’s offering isn’t a single thread, but rather a series of threads. Sue me!

We take you over to MattyCollector.com where, if you haven’t been following marketing manager Scott Neitlich’s memoir about the creation of the Masters of the Universe Classics action figure line, then you have been missing out. What is he up to, exactly? In his own words:

In honor of the 30th anniversary of MOTU, I thought it would be a blast to take a look back at MOTUC (circa 2008 – current) and create a blog reflecting on each figure released to date. It is rare for one brand manager to work on a single line as long as I have so I’m in a cool position to share ramblings on both the origins of the brand and a look behind each figure.

He’s pretty comprehensive in telling the story of how this line came to be, beginning with the synergy of his desire to get the Masters brand back into production, and the Four Horsemen Studio’s production of a spec He-Man concept figure, up through the offering of the Con Exclusive King Grayskull, and then, once the full line was green-lighted to go forward, his research into Mattel’s archives.

I slowly pulled the envelope out and laid it on the table of my empty conference room. Unhooked the brass tabs (that clearly had not been touched in 20 years!). Inside were three pieces of paper.

Holy cow! This was it!!!!! Here were (what I found our later were copies of) the actual original sketches from Mark Taylor of the main characters that would be in MOTU! I couldn’t believe that I was the first person in decades to open this envelope. How could these gems possibly have been sitting in this box for so long? To quote Indy, “They should be in a museum!”

Moving chronologically through the line’s four year history, release by release, he’s now seven posts deep and up to the release of the Zodac figure. Neitlich shares his own toy nerd o.c.d. throughout, but it’s perhaps best on display here:

Taking a look at Zodac’s red blaster, I asked Terry to please add a small ring of silver to the barrel. While it wasn’t a shocking addition, I was actually REALLY proud of this…At the time, this was the most influence I had on the design of a figure. And adding that small silver deco hit on the end of his blaster was one of the coolest things I ever got to do. I still have his gun on my computer at work.

To check out the MOTUC story so far, and check in on the upcoming installments, click over to MattyCollector.com

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