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photo: Julie Glassberg for the New York Times

photo: Julie Glassberg for the New York Times

No less distinguished a media outlet than the New York Times recently showcased self-proclaimed Jedi Master Flynn Michael and his New York Jedi training center.

Michael formed his studio after an elaborate 2005 Halloween lightsaber demonstration he and his buddies put on,  garnered outsize attention.  Each class is made up of a diverse group of students; men and women, from early 20’s – late 60’s.

Mr. Michael, 41, says he teaches his charges how to use the Force to navigate living in New York City, whether in a pressurized workplace, a crowded subway or a rowdy bar.

 He said he had fashioned a spiritual discipline for the modern urban Jedi, drawing upon his experience with dance, martial arts, sword-fighting and Tibetan Buddhism.

Full article at the Times here. (including a great photo slideshow)

Interested in a class? Check out NewYorkJedi.com

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