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If the New York Yankees pitching staff were Marvel Comics’ Avengers, here’s who they would be:


CC Sabathia – The Hulk

The tank. You know what you’re getting. Just set him off and watch him go.

The rest of the staff, after the jump.


Hiroki Kuroda – Captain America

He may not have any super powers, but this gritty vet is never intimidated. He always finds a way to win.


Phil Hughes – Iron Man

If he can ever operate again at full power, he’s a force to be reckoned with. For now, he still has a lot of chinks in his armor.


Ivan Nova – Spider-Man

The young guy who everyone assumed belonged in the minor leagues. He may have been an unlikely addition to the team, but he’s proven he can do battle on the cosmic scale.


Freddy Garcia – Hawkeye

A canny vet relying on a quiver of full of tricks. He’s been in this game a long time, but he’s still got to prove himself every spring, giving him a (well deserved) chip on the shoulder.


Michael Pineda – The Sentry

Everybody keeps saying this guy is the most powerful of all, but we never get to see it.


Andy Pettitte – The Vision

He has such a long, storied history with the team, we were really sad when he was gone. But now he’s back! Nobody is ever really gone in comics/baseball! What will his return mean for the team? We’ll have to wait and see.


Mariano Rivera – Thor

A god. A core member of the group, with a regal nobility that sets him apart from the others. No one is more loyal to his friends. He has just one weapon, but his enemies still haven’t figured out a way to defend against it.


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