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If the New York Yankee starting lineup were DC Comics’ Justice League, here’s who they would be:

Derek Jeter – Batman

He’s the leader, but he’s no rah-rah cheerleader type. He leads by example. And when you get out of line, he won’t yell at you; he’ll just stare at you with a withering disappointment until you feel so small you’ll never screw up again.

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Alex Rodriguez – Guy Gardner

Yeah, he’s kind of a tool. But he wields the most powerful weapon in the universe, so he’s a good guy to have around. He used to be all about himself, and kind of a head case. But recently he’s got it together and is more about the team.


Mark Teixeira – Superman

All-American boy scout. Never makes a mistake. A little bit boring. More powerful than a locomotive. Can stop speeding bullets at first base. Current version is significantly de-powered from the previous one.


Russell Martin – Aquaman

This guy gets no respect. He gets beat up day in and day out, but doesn’t complain. A power like handling pitchers/fish isn’t very flashy, but it can make all the difference in the right situation.


Robinson Cano – Captain Marvel

Power of Zeus, stamina of Atlas, speed of Mercury- he’s pretty much got it all. But he has the innocent mind of a boy, so he still gets a kick out of it all.


Brett Gardner – Kid Flash

He can run fast. REALLY fast. Doesn’t always know where he’s going though.


Curtis Granderson – Wonder Woman

By far the classiest member. Possessed of beauty, strength, poise, and an appreciation of the classics. If the team ever needs a representative at the United Nations, he’s their go-to.


Nick Swisher – Plastic Man

The resident goofball. But he can make himself useful in surprising ways.


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