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Today we’re happy to bring you a first-look review of the Batman Mega Mini Kits from Running Press, including the Bat-Signal and Batmobile!

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Each 3.5″ box comes with a mini prop and a 48 page booklet chock full of Bat-content.

First up, the Bat-Signal.   It lights up!

Yes, the signal lights up and will actually project a bat signal onto the wall. To get a good image you need to be fairly close to the wall, in a relatively dark room. But hey- this is a pretty tiny gadget, so what were you expecting?


The Art Deco design is appropriately evocative of Gotham City. The plastic construction feels solid and the lamp has good range of up-down tilt and holds its position firmly.

For those of you who may be interested in using the signal as a prop in your action figure display, this pic should give you an idea of the scale with 6″ figures…

 …It’s probably a closer fit with your 4″ figures



Each booklet contains a trove of information and illustrations about Batman. The book that comes with the Bat-signal includes an introduction on Batman and his history, a run-down of all his gadgets, supporting players and villains, and some trivia questions to test your Bat-knowledge.


Next up- the Batmobile!

The piece presents the 1985 (more or less) iteration of the Batmobile, in all its glory.  It’s about 3″ long and mounted on a display stand shaped like the bat symbol. The piece is all plastic with no moving parts. But it’s pretty sharp looking for such a small, inexpensive item.

The booklet with this set includes a picture and description of each of the various Batmobiles through the years, along with other Bat-vehicles and the vehicles used by Gotham’s rogues, as well. There are also trivia questions and a word search puzzle.

These kits will make a fun little item for either a kid or an adult Batman fan, for only about $10.  They’ll be available next month on Amazon, and at select retailers nationwide.

Thanks to editors of Running Press for providing these review samples.

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