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Let your O.C.D. freak flag fly with some great new apps for action figure collectors. A full checklist for your plastic horde is now only a touch screen away.

Three Brothers Apps’  “Collection” series of mobile apps allow you to track your collection with checklists, want lists, pictures and cross referencing. There are versions for Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Clix, G.I. Joe, vintage lines, and more.

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It began as a diversion for IT professional, and stay-at-home dad Zack Fisher: Programming a mobile app for his brother, a collector of the M.U.S.C.L.E. toy line.  As the wider action figure collector community came across his work,  people began requesting apps for the figure lines they collected. Fisher had tapped a vein.  Fisher writes:

I kept adding more and more as people requested them. Because this became time consuming (and we had a second daughter!), I started responding to requests for new apps with my own requests: I can make these checklists if you help me make the lists and gather images! 

He now works with over a dozen collectors from all over the world to keep the checklists up to date, and the various apps have been downloaded over 200,000 times!

He tells me he’ll be rolling out a massive update of all the checklist apps in the coming months. And of course, they will remain free.

Fisher has also created a series of apps called Baby’s First Monster. These apps introduce your toddler to a full bestiary of fantasy creatures while helping them learn letters and numbers along the way. Printable coloring pages too! (and priced at a modest 99 cents each).

Check out all the Three Brothers apps on iTunes, and at Three Brothers Apps.

Pardon me now, while I go change the quantity on my Marvel Legends Kree Soldier to ‘5’.

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