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Cody Rhodes action figure

Then why do I see them in the bargain bin so often?   And hasn’t Mattel actually scaled back their WWE offerings? Well, I’m not one to argue with NPD, and that’s what their data says, according to this ESPN.com article. They say WWE is the #1 action figure brand–bigger than Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Power Rangers, et al.  And those are just U.S. numbers–not international.

As we know, Mattel goes to great lengths, utilizing advanced technology to capture accurate likenesses of the wrestlers:

Twice a year, Mattel sends a crew to various WWE shows to grab every nuance of a superstar’s face and physique with full head and body scans.

“Nothing beats digital data,” Handy said. “But for stuff like tattoos, we work closely with WWE photographers, and sometimes they’ll even let us know beforehand when somebody is getting a new tattoo or changing their look.”

But then again,

“I did a head scan for Mattel, but I didn’t have the mustache back then,” said [Cody] Rhodes, describing the process for becoming immortalized in toy stores worldwide. “They’ll probably just draw the mustache on. You don’t need advanced technology for something so silly”


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