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Chris Sims has an interesting find today over at ComicsAlliance. Pages and pages of designs for a proposed Kenner DC action figure line from 1985. Apparently, the idea was to present some of the high profile heroes in three different motifs: ‘High-Tech’, ‘Road Warrior’, and ‘Robotic Style’. Characters included Superman, Batman and Robin, Wonder Woman, Firestorm, and Cyborg. And yes, there was a design for a “Robot Cyborg”:

I’ll run throgh that one more time, just so we’re clear on this. This is a robot verison of Cyborg. That’s Cyborg, whose entire deal is that he’s half-human and half robot. Yeah. Presumably in this version, the robotic parts are all still robotic, while the human parts are also robotic.

Along the same lines is the “Hi-Tech” version of Cyborg, which just looks like the regular version but with some Rubik’s Cube-looking buttons on his chest. The ’80s had some weird ideas of what computers were all about, folks.

Check out the full article on ComicsAlliance.

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(I like that Chris Sims. He’s a good kid.)

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