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What is Costume Contumely?

Costume Contumely is your place for a quick fix of geek fun. We relish superheroes, comic books, science fiction, and fantasy, as well as the toys, movies and peripherals thereof.


Cliff Francis is the Publisher Emeritus of Costume Contumely. He may or may not be a middle-aged Project Manager for a large pharmaceutical company, living in central Virginia.

Cliff Franics is an internet pioneer, comic book historian, and professional action figure collector. He is the supercilious author of the column Costume Contumely (from which this site takes its name), which has appeared at various sites across the web.

Hagop is the Editor of the Costume Contumely blog. He is also a contributor to TheFwoosh.com and TheShortbox.com.  He loves superheroes, comic books, and all that other good stuff. He loves them in a box or with a fox. He loves them in a house or with a mouse. He loves them here, there or anywhere.


Please direct all correspondence to: editor@CostumeContumely.com

Privacy Policy

CostumeContumely.com values the privacy of its visitors. We never sell or share your personal information to third parties.

Cliff’s portrait painted by Christopher Tupa. Check out more of his great artwork at The Artwork of Christopher Tupa.

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